An inherited deafness clinically documented among purebred dogs of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Affected dogs appear to show normal hearing early in post-natal development, but ultimately these dogs lose their hearing, often with complete loss by 1 year of age. Research in Dr. Neff’s lab has established that the genetic mode of transmission from parent to offspring follows a simple Mendelian autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. This means that any sire or dam that has previously produced affected progeny must be a carrier of the causal mutation.


This is a serious emergency condition and it is a killer. It is worth taking the time and trouble to educate yourself and if nothing else learn how to recognise the symptoms so should the situation arise you can get your dog prompt veterinary treatment and hopefully avoid disaster.


Being a large breed that grows fast, some puppies can be susceptible to OCD (Osteochondrosis). This is believed to be partly inherited and partly environmental. How you rear your puppy and feed it,is very important.


Is a sugar alternative present in SUGAR FREE chewing gum, some sweets,mints and some baked goods. Although a healthy option for us it is extremely toxic to dogs and if ingested can be fatal.


Chocolate contains THEOBROMINE which is toxic to dogs. Toxic doses can vary according to size of dog and the cocoa content. Cocoa bean mulch is a by-product of chocolate made from cocoa bean shells and a favourite with gardeners. Dogs are attracted to it's sweet smell but again ingested can be fatal.

A word of caution: we must not eliminate all carriers from our population at the outset of testing or we become too focused on the diseases and forget other things. We can use these tests as a tool to help us to only mate Clear dogs together or a Carrier with a Clear dog. This way affected puppies are not produced and we can dilute the gene in the population. We run the risk of ruining the beagle in the UK if we do this too quickly. We must use the test over time to ensure we do not mate Carriers together and to help us make decisions about which puppies to keep in the future. Pups may be tested before they are sold as the only criteria is not to have eaten or drunk for 60 minutes, 2 hours for NCCD before the swabs are taken.

PLEASE NOTE - All breeds are prone to health problems be they mongrels or purebred, in fact sometimes they seem to be too healthy. Give them good food, care, attention, plenty of exercise, most importantly, lots of love, and you will have a happy contented dog for many years. Bitches can be prone to phantom pregnancies; it is wise to have her spayed if you are not going to breed from her. It is NOT necessary for a bitch to have puppies "for her own good" before she is neutered.