My dogs are all raw fed (BARF diet) and each gets a tablespoon of DE mixed into their breakfast each morning. I take it each evening in fruit juice or water(a heaped tablespoon). 


  • My dogs are healthy
  • My dogs are very happy and content
  • I am hopefully giving my dogs a better, longer and healthier life.

The BARF diet is another system of holistic nutrition which is championed by Dr Ian Billinghurst. He has published several books on health and nutrition. The best known is called "Give your Dog a Bone" This diet is based on the principle that domestic dogs should be fed on a diet which replicates as closely as possible the diet of the wild dog.

To my mind there is no better method for the health of my dogs. I started feeding this diet about six years ago. I was introduced to it by my great friend, Sandy Burham and I have never looked back. No matter how busy you are this can work for you.

Firstly I did some research on the internet and bought the above book, I also have "Grow your Pups with Bones" and decided it was now or never! I use Wolftucker to purchase the  meat I need.  I have a very good butcher who keeps me well stocked with raw chicken carcasses, wings, large meaty bones, along with as much offal that I can take. I also add Bio Yogurt, dried fruit(without raisins as these are poisonous), cottage cheese, honey, eggs(shells too for extra calcium), sardines, salmon and white fish fillets.

My dogs are very happy, full of life and content with their diet.  We noticed they seemed to pass less, therefore retaining more, no wind and pearly white teeth!

I think, have the correct balance right, they eat 60% bones, you need to be careful not to constipate them, 40% meat inc heart, lung, liver, vegetables and all the other extras mentioned above.

Great the dogs are happy, they look good. If they start putting on weight I cut back, if they lose it, I increase. How they look tells me what amount to feed.


Why give your dogs chemical wormers and put insecticides on them when you don't need to?

The consequence of over use of chemicals (vaccinations, wormers, insecticides etc.) has meant our pets have paid a high price. More and more people are looking for natural alternatives and Diatomaceous Earth is one of them, however, not many people are aware of its many benefits.

I always avoid chemicals whenever possible. I came across Diatomaceous Earth from a lady  who used Toki for stud, they have lots of poultry and have used DE for years. I decided to give it a try, I give it to all our dogs daily as a wormer and general supplement. DE is a cheap natural product.

Codex Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an eco-friendly, naturally organic material that is an EU approved feed additive (Silicon Dioxide) E551C and has been used for over 25 years for controlling both internal and external parasites. Parasites do not build immunity to DE as they do with traditional chemical wormers.

DE is made from unicellular algae-like fossilized water plants called diatoms, these have been around since prehistoric times and are mined and finely ground. Besides containing approximately 3% magnesium, 33% silicon, 19% calcium and 2% iron it also contains approximately 15 trace minerals essential to our well-being. DE is particularly beneficial for growing youngsters.

There are numerous benefits from taking DE on a daily basis. It can be taken daily by humans, dogs, cats, poultry and farm animals for eliminating worms and as a general supplement.

Other benefits include:

  • replenishing cells with depleted silica (essential for bones, tendons, skin, cartilage and blood vessels)
  • regulating bowel movements
  • cleansing the colon
  • improving urinary health (diuretic and cures infections of the urinary tract)
  • improving joint mobility
  • reducing arthritis pain
  • improving the respiratory tract
  • strengthening teeth, gums, hair and nails
  • reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • increasing energy levels
  • helps keep the immune system stronger and healthier

DE is a natural detoxifier and as it goes through the system it attracts and absorbs: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, E-Coli and heavy metals.

It can be used externally to:

  • remove parasites (mites, fleas etc.) by rubbing into the skin/hair/feathers
  • clear dandruff
  • remove the sting from insect bites and skin irritations
  • relieve burns including sunburn

Other uses, and there are many, vary from being used as a teeth and metal cleaner to removing pests from garden plants.

As DE mixes with water there is never a build up in the system, consequently, to get the maximum benefit it should be taken daily.

Recommended Daily Dosages:

Puppies less then 10lbs 1/2 to 1 teaspoon

Puppies 10 - 19 lbs  2 teaspoons

Small dogs 1 teaspoon

Medium dogs (20 kg) 2 teaspoon

Large dogs (45 kg) 1 tablespoon

Very large dogs (50+ kg) 2 tablespoon

Giant breeds and humans 2+ tablespoons

For further information, take a look at this great website, they have been using DE daily for the past 10 years.