My first dog was a black Labrador, which was quickly followed by a Blue Merle Rough Collie. I did obedience and agility, gaining a training Certificate. I then decided I might like to start showing.  I purchased a Miniature Schnauzer girl in 1992, but unfortunately she was not good enough for the show ring but excelled at mini agility. In 1997, Harvey, my heart dog, a Beagle entered my life, I quickly realised his potential in the ring, as well as Obedience, something with which he treated as a joke. The highlight for me came when Frank Kane - all Rounder Judge, awarded him the Reserve Challenge Certificate, he also gained his Stud book number on the same day, this him qualified for life for Crufts, unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to campaign him to his title. My affix "Jocebec" was granted by the Kennel Club in 1999.

However, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are my passion. I waited a number of years for my first one, a wonderful male, called Lex with a gentle disposition. A great friendship developed with his breeder - Toni Agnew - "Mwenga" Toni has offered me some wonderful advice, support, guidance over the years and continues to do so. I think I have a clear understanding, knowledge and experience of what to expect from this handsome, athletic breed. Next along came Pacha, who tragically died before her debut at Crufts at 15 months old.

Judging also plays another part in my life. I started in 2000 and have experience of judging Junior Handling, Beagles, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, AV Dachshund and Whippets. I am currently on the following "C" lists for the Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of Gt Britain, Grands, & Petits, West Merica Beagle Club,Northern & Midland Beagle Club,The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland, Dachshund Club of Wales and on the "B" list of West Mercia Beagle and  The Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.

I am currently loved and owned by two Ridgebacks - Toki, newest edition Idie, along with Lily and Daisy, the Beagles